20. An age when anything is possible…

For its twentieth anniversary, Maje is celebrating the past in order to invent the future by focusing, at this symbolic turning point, on tomorrow. The brand immerses us in this imaginative and allegorical world, designed for the years to come, yet remaining true to all the values that have shaped it from the outset.

It is by continuing with this benevolent and respectful approach, motivated by sharing and honesty, that Maje is able to maintain this momentum, opening up its future to a young, independent and creative generation, to define its vision of modernity.

Boosted by its history and under the guidance of its lucky star, Maje wanted to spread its energy and international influence. To encourage a new generation of artists and photographers, including a painter and a videographer, by letting them contribute the next chapters of the brand's story, geared around three themes and three locations: Friendship in Morocco, family in Paris and love in London. Honouring the Maje woman, who has successfully reinvented herself over the years.

An unconventional, radiant, feminine and urban woman, a globally connected seductress.

It is the young Maje woman being revealed through the fresh eyes of these artists, represented here by Yasmin Wijnaldum, the muse for this innovative campaign. This innately sensual mixed-race beauty with sky blue eyes turns 20 this year, just like the label.

Values that transcend the ages.

It was in Morocco, in the Ouzoud Waterfalls in the Middle Atlas, that photographer Thurstan Redding captured the tender and enduring bond of friendship built on sharing and sincerity, in images that look as lively as they do natural.

Stories about partnerships and alliances have been captured in a strongly symbolic location, where Judith Milgrom, who founded Maje, has her roots.


The Parisian and family-oriented identity of the brand imbues the intimate and spontaneous pictures taken by Mark Peckmezian.

It is in this historic location, the fashion capital in which the brand began, that the photographer captured his contemporary vision of family; adaptable and in the plural. In a friendly and atypical environment, the young photographer tells stories of blended families bound together by authentic connections like the ones behind the brand.


Finally, love, as illustrated by photographer Coco Capitan, whose pictures are intertwined with paintings by Frances Wilks.

Together, they tell their own story via personal, contemporary and artistic photographs produced side by side in London. It is an international city par excellence and emblematic of the brand’s development – Maje now spans 40 countries.


Sealing off this world like a visual collage, an intimate film by videographer Simon Cahn connects all these remarkable relationships. An anniversary logo in the form of a hand-drawn heart serves as a cheerful signature that will come to symbolise the creativity and humanity of these stories.

To commemorate this landmark event for the brand for time to come, especially in the world of the instant and the digital, these images will be collected in a book. A link between before and after, a metaphorical crossroad, the imprint of an era that continues to look forward.

Dream Tomorrow !